Asset Finance

Here are the facts about asset finance.


Eligibility Any UK business
Amount Minimum £5,000 – limited company
£25,000 – non limited company
Maximum £500,000
Loan To Value 90% / 95% of Value / Purchase Price
Duration 12 Months to 60 Months
Interest Rate Competitively Priced
Fees Set-up fees apply
Application Process Online or telephone
0345 273 3322 (Office Hourse)
07901 332 273 (Evenings/Weekends)
Security The asset being bought or re-financed
Speed Decision within 24 hours
Timing of Cash Funding within 1 working day of signing documentation
Purpose Buying or re-financing any hard asset


Call us now on 0345 273 3322 (Office Hours) or 07901 332 273 (Evenings/weekends)


Lerwick Financial Group Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN737449.  Please note all loans are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.