Asset Finance

Asset finance lending gives you access to business assets that you may not currently have the cash-flow for, such as equipment, machinery or vehicles. It is a way of either releasing cash from your current assets you own or lending for new equipment for your business.  

Purchasing equipment and machinery up front can be risky and cause cash-flow problems, if the current flow of revenue isn’t there quick enough to cover the overheads. This is where asset finance packages come into practice, it is a way of you lending you funds to purchase new equipment or machinery for your business, it is a smarter choice for most business owners.  

Here are the facts about asset finance.


Eligibility Any UK business
Amount Minimum £5,000 – limited company
£25,000 – non limited company
Maximum £500,000
Loan To Value 90% / 95% of Value / Purchase Price
Duration 12 Months to 60 Months
Interest Rate Competitively Priced
Fees Set-up fees apply
Application Process Online or telephone
0345 273 3322 (Office Hourse)
07901 332 273 (Evenings/Weekends)
Security The asset being bought or re-financed
Speed Decision within 24 hours
Timing of Cash Funding within 1 working day of signing documentation
Purpose Buying or re-financing any hard asset


Asset finance is a type of lending with a lot of flexibility, it can help free up cashflow on what would otherwise be spent up on purchasing new equipment, machinery and sometimes vehicles for your business. Give our expert team a call now on 0345 273 3322 (Office Hours) or 07901 332 273 (Evenings/weekends)


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