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Lerwick Financial Group Ltd offer fast solutions to anyone seeking a bridging loan for any purpose. Deal with decision makers Whatever your requirements we feel we offer the best deal and the best service over the UK.


What is a Bridging Loan?


A bridging loan is a loan used as a short term solution to ‘bridge the gap’ between the sale of one property and purchase of another. An example use of a bridging loan could be the conversion of a large property into flats. Find out more


What can a bridging loan be used for?


A bridging loan can be used for many purposes including:


  • Purchase at auction (Insufficient time to arrange a term mortgage)
  • Property in poor repair (not suitable for a term mortgage until work is completed)
  • Purchase another property whilst waiting a sale (lets you buy the property you want)
  • Land Acquisition for development (gives you a flexible solution for property development)
  • Release Capital from property pending a sale (Enables you to free up your money while awaiting a sale)
  • Purchase a property at a discounted rate with a bridging loan geared to the valuation as opposed to the purchase price(Min deposit 20%)


Why choose as your finance broker and bridging loan provider?


  • Immediate in principal decision from a decision maker
  • Competitive rates from just 0.49% per month
  • Adverse credit history accepted with explanation
  • Interest roll-up schemes available
  • Residential & Commercial Property accepted
  • Self-employed, Companies & Individuals.
  • Up to 100% with additional security


We can usually issue a conditional Bridging offer within 48hrs of receipt of application forms, valuation reports and any other information required.


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